Collegio Football + Windows XP
If your PC has at least 128 MB of RAM (memory), at least a 400 MHz processor, and at least 1.5 GB of free disk (hard drive) space you can now run Collegio Football 2002 (as well as much of your other recent software) faster and more freely under the brand new Microsoft Windows XP!


  • Collegio Football 2002 starts up faster
  • Popup windows (e.g., Team Properties and Head-to-Head matchups screens) load faster
  • You can change conferences and sort data faster


  • Run Collegio Football 2002 with many applets running in the background (antivirus, firewall, RealTray, WeatherBug, etc.) and/or in the Windows System Tray
  • Run Collegio Football 2002 comfortably alongside large applications (Internet Explorer, Outlook, Word, etc.)
  • Load multiple levels of popup windows (e.g., Team Properties and Head-to-Head matchups screens) without risk of Run Time Error 7

Much of the development work for Collegio Football 2002 was done using special pre-release versions of Windows XP and now you can reap the benefits!

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