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Mail-In Order Form - Collegio Football 2008

NOTE:  This form is for mail-in orders by check or money order only.  You may order by credit card quickly and securely online, or by toll-free phone (Call 1-877-353-7297 and ask for Product 1088-25.  Phone orders are available to New Users only; Upgraders may order instantly online.)

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# Collegio Football 2008 NEW USER


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For users of Collegio Football 2006 and earlier

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mailed for $4.95**


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Enter additional single-user licenses on the provided separate line since they have a different unit price ($19.95 if you are a New User, or $14.95 if you are an Upgrader).

**Collegio Football 2008 is always available for FREE Internet download from our website.  However, it is also available on CD-ROM for an additional fee of $4.95.  Choose the Order Type that includes CD-ROM if you are having trouble downloading our software over your Internet connection, or if you would like a "hard copy" backup of the distribution files needed to re-install Collegio Football (without having to re-download it) should the need ever arise.

A $30.00 returned check fee will apply to all checks returned for insufficient funds.

CD-ROMs are available only for orders shipped within the United States.  Please allow up to 7-10 days from the date of your order for delivery.  CD-ROM orders will be mailed via US Postal Service beginning in mid-September 2007 to those who order them.

Order Instructions & Mailing Address:
Check or money order should be made payable to Sophos Software and mailed to:

Sophos Software
3449 North Druid Hills Road
Suite H
Decatur, GA  30033-3770  USA

Questions?  E-mail us or call us toll-free at 1-888-SOPHOS1 with any questions.

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