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Week 17 (Final) Datafile
January 7, 2002 - 1,644 KB
Now with complete 2002 Schedules (see Future Schedules tab of any Team Properties screen) as well as over 800 additional future game listings than were in the previous (Week 16) datafile

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All datafiles are cumulative. 
Thus don't worry if you should ever miss a week; you will catch back up with your very next datafile download and import.

Datafile Import Instructions:

  1. Click on above link to begin your download and choose Save option, making note of the folder to which you save the *.EXE file

  2. Run the *.EXE file (e.g., FB02RX17.EXE) you downloaded (by double-clicking on it from Windows Explorer) to extract out the datafile it contains, making note of the folder to which you extract (defaults to your Windows TEMP directory which is usually C:\Windows\Temp)

  3. Run Collegio Football 2002

  4. Select File / Import Datafile... from the main menu

  5. Choose the folder to which you extracted (defaults to your Windows TEMP directory which is usually C:\Windows\Temp)

  6. Select the FB02RX??.SDF Weekly Statistics Datafile, where "??" refers to the week number of the season (e.g., the Week 17 datafile is FB02RX17.SDF).  Make sure to chose the newest datafile if more than one is shown.

  7. Press the OK button to start your import

Your data should now be updated on screen. If it is not (or if you have any other problems downloading or importing the Weekly Statistics Datafile) e-mail Sophos Tech Support and we'll be glad to be of assistance. Thank you and enjoy!

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