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Choose a Collegio Football 2008 Download Server:
Note:  Please be patient, as the download severs are quite busy right now just after the product launch.  If you're having trouble downloading, please try another server (pick one at random) or retry your download again during off-peak hours (2 AM to 7 AM US Eastern Time).  If you're new to downloading and installing software, be sure to read our "Download Instructions" section below.

Primary Server  (High Speed / High Capacity)
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InstallShield Installation Executable File Click Here for High-Speed Download (via
Secondary (Backup) Servers
InstallShield Installation Executable File Server A  (HTTP)
InstallShield Installation Executable File Server B  (HTTP)
InstallShield Installation Executable File Server C - Coming Soon!
Let us know if you have FTP server storage space and bandwidth you'd like to offer in exchange for free copies of Collegio Football

CD-ROM Copy Available by Mail NOTE:  Slow Internet connection?  Have your trial copy of Collegio Football 2008 mailed to you on CD-ROM for just $4.95.

Download Instructions - Please Read:

  • Choose Save if asked at the start of your download whether to Open, Run or Save the file
  • Make note of the folder on your hard drive to which you save the file ("My Documents" folder is recommended)
  • Upon completion of the download tell your webbrowser to Open the file, or simply double-click on the downloaded file CGOFB08.EXE or CGOFB08 from within Windows Explorer, or:
    1. Select Start from the Windows taskbar
    2. Choose Run...
    3. Click on the Browse... button and go to the folder to which you downloaded
    4. Double-click on the file CGOFB08.EXE or CGOFB08
    5. Click on the OK button to begin your installation
  • Be sure to let the installation restart Windows, if necessary, at the beginning and/or the end of the installation
  • Once you've installed Collegio Football, don't forget to update it with the latest FREE Weekly Statistics Datafile.

Download the program and try it out for FREE.  If you like what you see you can register quickly and securely online with VISA, MasterCard, or Discover Card or American Express and therein instantly unlock all 12 conferences and their 119 teams with nothing more to download or install.

To order via mail with check or money order use our Collegio Football Registration Form.

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