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Latest Collegio Football 2008 Weekly Datafile
Available for FREE download each Thursday afternoon during the season

Week 15 Datafile
December 4
, 2007  (2,246 KB)

Week 16 (FINAL)
Collegio Football 2008 Datafile Coming Soon!!!

First Collegio Football 2009 Weekly Datafile (Covering the 2008-09 Season) Coming Approximately 1 Week after the Launch of the All-New Collegio Football 2009 Coming Soon!!!

NOTE:  If you should have a problem viewing the "Standard Polls" screen (AP, USA Today, etc.), close Collegio Football 2008 and then download this updated EXE file and copy it over the top of your current EXE file (usually installed in the folder "C:\Program Files\Collegio Football\2008").

Choose a Collegio Football 2008 Datafile Download Server:
Note: Please be patient, as the download servers can get quite busy.  If you're having trouble downloading, please try another server (pick one at random) or retry your download again during off-peak hours (2 AM to 7 AM United States Eastern Time).

New to the Process?  See Datafile Import Instructions for help.

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Server D - TBA!
Let us know if you have FTP server storage space and bandwidth you'd like to offer in exchange for a free copy of Collegio Football

All datafiles are cumulative. 
Thus don't worry if you should ever miss a week; you will catch back up with the very next datafile you download and import.


Datafile Import Instructions  (Download, Extract, Import):

  1. Click on a server link above to begin your download and then choose "Save" on the resulting popup window, making note of the folder in which you then choose to save the *.EXE file.  (TIP: The folder "C:\ My Documents" is always a good choice for your Weekly Statistics Datafile distribution files)

  2. Run the *.EXE file (e.g., FB08RX07.EXE) that you downloaded either (a) by selecting "Open" on the completed download progress popup window or (b) by double-clicking on the file from within Windows Explorer.  This will extract out the compressed datafile contained within the *.EXE file to your Windows TEMP folder (usually C:\Windows\Temp).

  3. Run Collegio Football 2008.

  4. Select File / Import Datafile... from the main menu.

  5. Choose the folder to which you extracted (if not the same Windows TEMP folder which was the default suggested extraction folder in Step 2)'

  6. Select the FB08RX??.SDF Weekly Statistics Datafile, where "??" refers to the week number of the season (e.g., the Week 11 datafile is FB08RX11.SDF).  Make sure to chose the newest datafile if more than one is shown.

  7. Press the OK button to start your import.

All your Collegio Football 2008 data should now be updated (you can verify this by looking at the datafile date shown in the lower right-hand corner of the screen).  If you should have any other problems downloading or importing the Weekly Statistics Datafile, e-mail Sophos Software Tech Support and we'll be glad to help

Thank you, and enjoy all the new data!

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