Collegio Football 2008 - Sample Screenshots

Below are over 50 sample screenshots from the highly visual Collegio Football to give you a better idea of the concept, quality, and breadth of coverage of the program.  Please e-mail us your thoughts.  Please note that some sample screens show data from last season and/or dummy data for purposes of best fully demonstrating the screen's capabilities.

[ NOTE:  Please note that this page has yet to be updated for Collegio Football 2008, but suffice it to say for now that it has all these screens and more ]

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Screenshot Gallery

Main Screen^

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Team Properties: 9 Screens in One, Available for All 119 Teams:* Head-to-Head Matchups:*
Kickoff Countdown

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BCS Rankings

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Poll Voters

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Print and Print Preview
Available from most all other screens

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Team Histories:* Options:
Stats Monsters:* All-Time Record vs. Conferences: Export

You can export data from most screens to any of the following popular file formats:

  • Adobe Acrobat  (*.PDF)
  • HTML  (*.HTM)
  • Microsoft Word Rich Text  (*.RTF)
  • Microsoft Excel CSV  (*.CSV)
  • Text File  (*.TXT)
Historic Stats: Bowls Info and Results: News:
Conferences:^ Polls/Rankings: More Statistics
(Team Comparison)

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All-Time Team Records* Team Ratings Systems Awards
Schedule Date Tool Stadiums Graphs
The Year That Was Halls of Fame: Import (Weekly Updates)
National Champions Bowl Lineup Coaches
NFL Drafts Officials' Signals This Week's Games
Student-Athletes Tip of The Day and MUCH MORE...!


  • * Screen available for all 119 teams with your registration

  • ^ Screen available for all 12 conferences with your registration

  • Some data displayed in these screenshots is "dummy" data used for demonstrative purposed only; while some data may reflect year-end 2000 (or other actual values) other data does not and is totally fictitious.

  • A great feature of Collegio Football is its ability to "slice-n-dice" loads of statistical data any way the user chooses.  Wherever data is shown in rows and columns, you can quickly sort the data according to your preferences simply by clicking on any column header. One click will sort the clicked column from First to Worst, a second click will reverse the column sort and sort the clicked column from Worst to First. Moreover, the user can easily spot where his/her favorite team (as set on the Tools / Options screen) falls on any sorted list because that team will be highlighted.

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