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Collegio Football is one of the best resources anywhere for the college football fan. It provides a stunning amount of information within easy reach, displayed in a very user-friendly way.  Using Collegio has prevented a hernia--I no longer have to haul dozens of media guides, reference books, and press releases all over the country!  I use the program every week during preparation for College GameDay, and I encourage everyone on the staff to, as well.

[Collegio Football is] a phenomenal resource...It contains a huge amount of information, features a very cool display and can be updated via weekly downloads for weekly stats, box scores, game stories and a lot more.  [I am] a daily user of it.

   -Chris Fowler (Host of College GameDay on ESPN)

Thanks again for another outstanding product!  I downloaded my copy of Collegio Football last night and it's sweet!  Beautiful work, guys...and thanks for making me look like a football genius!

This is the most informative football program I have ever seen college or pro...and I've seen just about everyone out there.

Thanks and great product!!!  Best $29 I ever spent.

I am really impressed with the Collegio product...I use it every day to answer all sorts of questions.

I just registered my copy of Collegio Football.  Boy, do I feel dumb for not doing (so earlier)!  As a webmaster of a personally run webpage on college football my life just go much easier!  It is just one more reason to look forward to the season.  Tons of stats at my fingertips in a easy-to-use and intuitive format.  Could it get any easier?  I can't wait for next season!

And to think I used to spend hours going to different websites to get this information. Great layout. The amount of information is mind-boggling and powerful. I believe you guys have a winner here.

I just downloaded your software yesterday. It is incredible for any college football fan. I have always wanted a simple way to get to a ton of information instead of saving books.

Keep up the great work. I'm shaking my head in disbelief with every click of the mouse!

Where has this program been all these years?  This is such a powerful and unbelievable tool for college football fans, media members and media relations departments, it should be on the computer of every college football writer, sports information director, broadcaster and true blue fan!  In just four days of use, I've found out more historical information about college football than ever.

I enjoy the rest of the program very much, especially the historic information and the team properties information on the school. You did a wonderful job of organizing the school information. Keep up the good work.

Love your software program - it is truly fabulous for any[one] who truly loves college football and all its traditions and colorful history - a real treasure-trove of facts and data from the past as well as for the current season.   Collegio Football makes us true "college football experts" and is our favorite non-work program on our computer!

[I am] overwhelmed by what you put together on the college football program. I'm not even a basketball fan, but I'll probably get that program, too, just to show it off. Congrats on a great looking package.

Thanks so much for all you do. I've been a customer for years, and I'll buy this thing again next year...it is a definite bargain for my entertainment dollar, and sometimes more fun than watching my team play.

I just want to say keep up the great work, and thanks for all the effort you're putting into it so people like me can have the best imaginable college football experience this fall.

Once again I must say this program [Collegio Football] has no equal!

Thanks for the quickness of getting the registration number to me. Now I can really enjoy Collegio Football. Am also looking forward to the Basketball version...Football is a very good program, haven't found even one "bug"...Keep up the excellent work.

I am very impressed with the quality and ease of your product. The downloads are a snap, the overall appearance is excellent, and the information within is exactly what's needed.

...You put together one beautiful piece of work. :^)

Thanks!!  This stuff is great!  I'm going to pass the word on about [Collegio Football] to everyone.......

Thank you very much for replying back so fast with my registration number...I think you guys have a GREAT program put together and I want to thank you again for you product and fast service.

I just installed Collegio Football last week.  I sure wish I knew about it sooner.  My eyes are red from reading stats into the wee hours.

As an MIS professional, I can appreciate how much work has to go into a product like this.  As a sports fan, I can appreciate the fact that someone else loves the game as much as I do.  Great price, too.  Keep the product coming each year!!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed using the football program throughout the season. Great enhancements...and fun to use.

I finally ordered your software over the web.  I think it's just wonderful for any college football fan.

I am a football official working in the Mid American Conference...The local newspaper doesn't have a very good sports section. Your weekly information kept me informed about what was happening around the country. Thank you again.

The amount and quality of info is first rate, as is its presentation. It'll take me all season to absorb it all! Keep up the good work!

I downloaded the new software last night, and I must congratulate you on one great product. The many enhancements from last year's version are terrific!

Thanks again for your fine work on the football software. It looks great!

I just found your program, looked over it, and thought it was GREAT. The best program I have ever seen. My check is in the mail first thing this morning...Can't wait.

Thank you for the quick turn around! I look forward to a great college football season becoming even better with your software.

The importing procedure was clearly explained, and it worked great. I'm very impressed and happy with the software! Keep up the good work.

Your program is incredible - one of the most professional I have ever seen. Looking forward to more of your programs.

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